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nd 2013 at 9.25pm

 lying on the bed at Villa 8

in Villa Serbelloni

in Bellagio

Como, Italy

It is blue out

Blue like hazy blue

not misty blue

because not cold

actually warm and crows cawing

just now makes me think of chennai

kaka podi vechane kanu podi vechane

kuda porandavaal laan nullah irikinoon

why chennai?

actually bombay right

because that’s the last memory

of black crows

eating off green banana leaves

lined with

sweet rice, salty rice, tangy yoghurt rice

7 balls per type of rice times 3 = 21 balls

why 21?

because mathematics is spiritual

magic numbers mystical.

here’s also how i tell time in different time zones

i say for example this

it is 9.30pm here and it’s 6 hours ahead in singapore

9.30 plus 6 = 15.30 = 3.30am

that’s all. so easy to calculate time difference

just add the hours and then decide if it’s

day or night


that bird with the white stripe

like a naamam down from head to beak-edge

its short high-pitched calls

all black

i like it not a duck

it’s not

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