VINITA RAMANI is a writer and editor at Kontinentalist and covers a broad array of issues including biodiversity in Asia, politics, social memory and conflict, art and culture.

She was the co-founder of Access to Justice Asia, an organization that undertook international criminal litigation work at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal (Cambodia) representing indigenous Khmer Krom survivors before the court from 2008 – 2014. On the strength of this work, she was appointed as a Museums Adviser to the Sleuk Rith Institute (Cambodia) and as a consultant curator with its progenitor, the Documentation Center of Cambodia in 2014 to produce content for permanent exhibitions in provincial museums documenting the narratives of genocide survivors.

She has previously worked as a writer and researcher on wildlife conservation issues at Wildlife Reserves Singapore. She was also a film and music critic for BigO (Singapore), Criticine (Philippines), Kino! (Slovenia), Exclaim! (Canada), Raj Palta (Canada), and as a journalist for TODAY newspaper (Singapore). She was also the publicist and writer for the Singapore International Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival and a founding editor of the National Museum of Singapore’s Cinematheque Quarterly. Her published works include Parvathi Dreams About His Sex (Math Paper Press, Singapore), The Hearing Aid (in Best New Singaporean Short Stories, Epigram Books), a seminal essay on censorship and Singapore documentary filmmaking in Glimpses of Freedom: Independent Cinema in Southeast Asia  (Cornell University Press). Her nonfiction essays and articles have been published in Kyoto Journal, POSKOD, Esquire (Singapore), Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Straits Times and The Margins. She is also a recipient of the National Arts Council (Singapore) Arts Creation Fund grant.

Vinita was born in India and has lived in Bahrain, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Cambodia and the United States. She currently lives in Singapore with her family.